9 Content Ideas for When You Don't Know What to Post on Social Media

I get it, planning social media content is not the easiest or most fun task.

Here's a list of 9 fresh content ideas to help you spice up your feed.

1. Share a useful tip. Start with "did you know..." and share a beneficial tip about your product/service.

2. Share a powerful quote. This one always works and it's more likely to be shared to stories, which means more engagement.

3. Share a goal of the week/month. You can always help inspire your followers by sharing your company goals.

4. Share a statistic. These always do really well too, but remember to include the source!

5. Tell a story. We all have stories of our experience with COVID-19, so sharing a story of your experience can be uplifting to your followers.

6. Remind your followers of ways to connect with you. Mention your email or phone number and other social media profiles and encourage them to follow you there too.

7. Create a poll. Asking a question is an easy way to get engagement from your followers.

8. Share a photo of your workspace. Working from home? Show it off!

9. Recommend a book/documentary. Share the reason why you loved it.