How Companies Can Create Graphics for Free

It pains me to say this as a graphic designer, but it is possible to create graphics for free. All you need is an Internet connection.

Graphic designers are definitely skilled in creating designs from scratch, but sometimes companies need a quick social media post or internal flyer that they just don't have the budget to outsource.

In this case, it's okay to use free graphic design software such as Canva.

Canva offers tons of free templates for every type of graphic design project; social media posts, flyers, posters, videos, email marketing and more.

To get started, create an account and log in. Then select a template you like and click to edit it.

This is where the fun begins. You can add text, images, GIFs and simple animations to bring your design to life. When you're finished, you can export it to your desired format.

This is a free software, however some features require a paid membership. It's a great alternative for companies who need last minute designs or videos.

The following is my personal opinion on Canva and other free design softwares.

Every company has its own target audience and marketing strategy, but this doesn't mean that they don't share customers. On the contrary, most companies actually share customers with their competitors.

So here's my problem with Canva.

If company A is creating designs using Canva, and company B is creating designs using a graphic designer there will be a difference in branding and content quality.

If company A and B are both using Canva, what are the chances that their content will look any different from each other? In a market this large, standing out is incredibly difficult. Using pre-made templates to advertise to your customers is a sure way of blending in.

Additionally, customers have become more aware and attracted to branding on social media. It's very easy for them to spot similar branding between companies, and this creates indifference.

Indifference is every company's worst enemy. Your customers need to love your product or service.

Therefore, Canva should be a backup option for companies and only used when absolutely necessary. Relying on pre-made templates and free software means you value price over quality, and your customers will begin looking elsewhere.

Eman Abdou is a social media marketer and graphic designer. Through the use of video marketing, organic content creation and analytics, Eman helps companies create and grow successful social media brands.

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