The Best Way to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Updated: Jun 6

The secret is out 2021 is the year of video content!

As the world evolves, so do social media algorithms. To stay on the algorithms "good side" - meaning your posts show up at the top of your followers' feeds you should be posting videos.

Don't rush to Amazon and load your cart with $500 of video equipment just yet. Creating video content does not depend on the equipment you have, but rather on the actual content itself.

According to Instagram, low-fi video (videos that have a low production cost and don't have the style of high-quality videos) are more consumable than high-fi videos.

Why? Consumers enjoy content that looks and feels approachable.

So there's no need to increase your budget, upgrade your space or make any drastic changes to your business structure.

To get in the groove of making videos for Instagram, start by adding stickers and GIFs to your stories. These motion graphics count as video content for Instagram and will help boost your engagement (and keep you friendly with the algorithm).

Before you start recording and posting videos, take some time to watch a few Reels or IGTV videos and get inspiration for content ideas. Then, using your smartphone and a ring light, you can begin creating videos for your Instagram.

To help keep your business relevant to your followers and stay favourable with the algorithm, start creating and posting more videos and motion graphics.

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