Benefits of a Business Instagram Account

Updated: Jun 6

Instagram is predicted to have over 1 billion worldwide users by the end of 2021, meaning you have the potential to reach markets all over the world on a single platform.

But before you dive into marketing your business on Instagram, you first need to understand the two types of Instagram accounts.

Instagram allows users to choose between personal and business profiles.

Personal profiles generally have less restrictions than business accounts. For example, personal profiles have access to all of the music on the app, because they are not using it for business gains.

Business profiles let you see insights (analytics) on your followers, as well as automated DM responses, paid promotions and more.

Here are some other benefits of business profiles on Instagram.

  1. After gaining 10,000 followers or more, you can add links with the “Swipe Up” feature on your Instagram stories. Since 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business account, this would help direct more people to your product or service without making them navigate to your profile first.

  2. You'll find out more about who follows you, your followers most active times, and your highest performing posts through insights. Insights are crucial to help you better understand your audience demographics, such as location, age and gender and this helps you understand what to continue sharing on your page.

  3. You can add a “Contact” button. Your followers can click this button to contact you directly, without leaving the Instagram app.

Anyone who is running a business on Instagram should have a business profile.

Business profiles help you reach your audience and helps them reach you with ease, creating a seamless company experience.

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